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It’s Tea Time!

It's Tea Time!“Morey Studio” By member request, here’s a new gallery of solo shots of Tea, from the Prague apartment. The blonde beauty strips, showing off her perfect body and spreads her sweet pussy for a look deep inside!

Czech Fashion Model Charlie Preview Of More To Come

Czech Fashion Model Charlie Preview Of More To Come
“Morey Studio” Here’s a new gallery with Czech fashion model Charlie. As you’ll see she’s full of those fashion facial expressions, and lots of fun to work with. I especially liked her red lips so we spent a lot of time featuring some portrait poses. More from Charlie coming up shortly!

Kari’s Juicy Cherry

Kari’s Juicy Cherry
“Joymii” Kari is not only beautiful, and sexy… she’s horny too.! Thankfully, she knows exactly what to do to satisfy her needs and it involves a special little toy she likes to call her “cherry”. She uses it when she wants to feel that extra bit of pleasure, the kind of pleasure she can’t get with just her fingers! Sometimes, she doesn’t need to use her fingers at all, but when she does, the kind of pleasure she gets from touching her sweet wet pussy with her cherry inside is so amazing, she can’t stand it sometimes!

Vinna’s Sweet Vibrations

Vinna's Sweet Vibrations
“Joymii” Sexy, sultry Vinna loves to be touched, but is more than happy to touch herself when no one else is around. She knows her body very well, what she likes, how she likes it and when. It’s a slow process for her, and she’s in no rush. Quite the opposite, she likes to take her time, first with her fingers, caressing and rubbing her sweet, beautiful pussy, getting it ready for what’s to come, namely, her favorite toy. After she’s nice and warmed up, she uses it just as slowly, allowing it to do what it does best, vibrate! She doesn’t have to do much and doesn’t, as she simply enjoys the pleasure it brings her and does she enjoy it!

Delphine & Sabrisse Lesbian Lust

Delphine & Sabrisse Lesbian Lust
“Joymii” Sexy, sultry, gorgeous, these are only a few words to describe Delphine and Sabrisse… oh, and one more… horny! While Delphine waits for her special friend to join her, she decides to start pleasing herself. She has a special toy  she likes to use because it lets her decide how much pleasure she wants to experience at any given moment and she certainly experiences pleasure with it. Not the same kind of pleasure she experiences with Sabrisse. There’s nothing like the touch of a woman’s hand or tongue and they both know it. Once Sabrisse joins her, things slow down a bit, but also get more intense. These two ladies really know how to please each other. Come on in and see for yourself what it’s like for these two and their lesbian lust!

SpankingTurns Into Lesbian Fun

SpankingTurns Into Lesbian Fun
“Spanking Sorority Girls” Clare Fonda the “Mistress Of Spankings” has added another site to her spanking empire! “Spanking Sorority Girls” has the naughtiest schoolgirls receiving some good old fashioned corporal punishment! Watch cute schoolgirls get their bare asses spanked red! Hand spanking, caning, paddling, wedgies and more! Videos and photo galleries of these teenage delinquents with their bare asses and vaginas exposed getting a well deserves ass whooping!
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Tatiana Penskaya In “No Diving” At ZISHY

Tatiana Penskaya In "No Diving" At ZISHY
“ZISHY” A few weeks ago, I received a Facebook message from one of my previous Russian muses. She told me that her friend was going to be visiting the States and that she too could be a Zishy model. Enter Tatiana Penskaya. This lively one is from Moscow and is spending her early adulthood traveling, learning, and smiling. We spent this unseasonably warm afternoon at the apartment complex pool. In the past, I would worry about others spying in on our mischief. Recently, I misplaced the bag where I keep all my shits, so I have none to give!

Maria Aravani In “Bold Face Type” At ZISHY

Maria Aravani In "Bold Face Type" At ZISHY
“ZISHY” Maria Aravani and I meshed well right off the bat. She is down for creative ideas and loves the attention when she knows that she’s looking cute, which is practically all the time. She strikes me as having immense self respect and a hunger for adventure. She was so absolutely smitten by this white romper that she contacted me after the shoot to acquire it from me. I have more female wardrobe in my closet than I should, but please feel free to send me pieces that you’d like to see the next Zishy PYT wearing. Contact me at And also don’t forget that leaving comments here on pictorials is always welcomed. You have to create a user account, but its free and just requires your email and a password!

Bea Wolf In “Real Beachy II” At ZISHY

Bea Wolf In "Real Beachy II" At ZISHY
“ZISHY” Here is part two of my visit to the beach with Bea Wolf. She was nervous, but her sense of adventure eventually took over. Bea’s beauty is hypnotic. A lifeguard had to reminded us that Manhattan is not a topless beach for me to return to reality. Coconut Records’ “West Coast” is the song in the bonus video. Jason Schwartzman is truly America’s sweetheart!

Naomi Woods In “Almost Caught” At ZISHY

Naomi Woods In "Almost Caught" At ZISHY
“ZISHY” Naomi Woods in a throwback to warmer times this year. We almost got caught by granny creeping up those stairs in the background of the couch photos. Nothing to see here. Just beauty and lust in all its natural splendor. Granny probably did see some of Naomi’s tail, but shock and denial are useful tools in my line of work!

Eva Lovia In “Daily Moisture Therapy” At ZISHY

Eva Lovia In "Daily Moisture Therapy" At ZISHY
“ZISHY” Eva Lovia lit up like a fireball when I had her start rubbing lotion on her tan body. I could tell just before these photos that her energy was waning a bit. So I was surprised to see the cream give her a second wind. I asked her about it and she just said that she loves rubbing stuff on her, especially when its white. I took it as a clever jest, but the renewed enthusiasm was hard to ignore. I had to mellow her posing a bit because she was determined to get as explicit as possible without showing the goods. I often worry about that since other girls might see the galleries like this and think I require such scandalous material to be on Zishy. Luckily, on this day, I got the best of both worlds: a gorgeous model like Eva Lovia who is as bashful as a peacock!

August Ames “Was Born Wild” At ZISHY

August Ames "Was Born Wild" At ZISHY
“ZISHY” August Ames was born wild. She even has a tattoo stating this fact on her pelvis. But as of late, August decided that the label is no longer required. She is having it removed. Who needs to state the obvious, right? August is thoroughly kinky and has a partner whom she considers ‘vanilla’. Perhaps, when one realizes how wild they are, they subconsciously choose someone who balances them out. It could be a form of self-preservation. The kinky person must preserve their nature. Without resistance, our kinks become as insipid as handshaking!

Olivia Pelton In “Delfina Adventure” At ZISHY

Olivia Pelton In "Delfina Adventure" At ZISHY
“ZISHY” I took Olivia Pelton to the Sheraton Delfina, which is a hotel in Santa Monica that I am familiar with. Hotels always seem to have odd wallpaper and carpet patterns, perfect for photos. I rake pleasure posing as a tourist in the city I’ve called home for over a decade. With so many tourists always around, its easy to blend in. Here’s what Olivia had to say about this experience: “I enjoyed goofing around at the hotel. I like being adventurous and bending the rules, so that part of the shoot was perfect for me because I really like exploring places where I’m not supposed to be!” I recommend curious mischief for all, and having an adorable girl like Olivia tag along was a delight!

Kendra Sunderland In “Talk To Me” At ZISHY

Kendra Sunderland In "Talk To Me" At ZISHY
“ZISHY” This is the last of the material from my time with Kendra Sunderland. I ascertain she is a sexual alien walking amongst us earthlings. Her friend, Jordan, joins us for a few minutes at a local park in Portland. Kendra’s positive attitude towards sex and life is addictive. Hopefully, the rest of the world will soon grok the lesson that this cosmic creature is trying to teach us!

Tori Segura In “Baldwin Overlook”

Tori Segura In "Baldwin Overlook"
“ZISHY” Tori Segura and I were simply not ready to call it a day after our adventurous trip to the mall. The Baldwin Hills Overlook, a popular fitness destination for locals, was calling our name. The sun was rapidly descending, but the evening was warm and the arduous climb had our hearts pumping. I wanted to reward Tori for her efforts, so afterwards, we made a quick stop at Starbucks. Luckily, Jeans was very generous with the whipped cream. Sugar has its moments!

Freda Motten In “But First Coffee” At ZISHY

Freda Motten In "But First Coffee" At ZISHY
“ZISHY” One of my previous models, whom was also referred by a previous model, had an attractive friend who was also down for the cause. Basically, if you treat people right, you are doing your future-self a favor. Enter Freda Motten. This lovely woman can be shy one second and then ultra-confident the next. Is it all a performance? Well, she is a professional dancer. Or maybe she just likes screwing with people’s heads. Whatever it is, I recommend you kick back and enjoy the ride!

Chubby Piglet Kayla’s First Porn

Chubby Piglet Kayla's First Porn
“True Amateur Models” My name is Kaila and I am 20 years old. I was browsing around the clothing section at a department store and this photographer guy named Ray walked over to me and asked me if I knew the time because he left his phone at home. When I brought out my iPhone to show him the time, a NAKED picture of me popped up on the screen! I was so embarrassed and shocked because my boyfriend told me he saved those pictures in an encrypted folder! When I found out that Ray was a photographer, the modeling idea sounded good to me because my boyfriend sucks at shooting pictures and I’d rather have a professional shoot them. Once I saw the True Amateur Models website and all of the models on it, I was so intrigued by the fact that Ray and I bumped into each other and everything turned out the way it did! I was actually wanting to have some nude pictures taken of me and that’s why I had my boyfriend shoot a few the other day. I was a bit nervous and shy at the shoot because I’ve never had nude pictures taken of me, other than my boyfriend, who really only took about 5 pictures of me standing naked. So yes, this modeling shoot was a HUGE difference. I hope that you all enjoy my amateur nude modeling pictures!

Sexy Pattycake Team Kitty

Sexy Pattycake Team Kitty
“Sexy Pattycake” a.k.a. “Pattycake Online” is a busty, hot blonde who’s been knocking out update after update weekly for years and her site is now one of the most popular sites on the web! Pattycake likes to dress up and take it all off! She loves to masturbate in front of the camera and can be seen in high resolution photo galleries and dvd quality full length movies! Get out your cock and cum inside “Sexy Pattycake”

Lady Dee Diddles Her Pussy On The Patio

Lady Dee Diddles Her Pussy On The Patio
“Watch 4 Beauty” We had a seriously fun afternoon with Lady Dee during our stay on Gran Canaria. She loves to masturbate! Watch as the horny teen diddles her juicy pussy outdoors on the patio!

Maria Rya Pretty Teen Exhibitionist


Maria Rya Pretty Teen Exhibitionist
“Watch 4 Beauty” Maria Rya is a crazy girl who knows exactly how to turn you on! You have to love her exhibitionism! If you can’t get enough of Maria, join “Watch 4 Beauty” now! There’s tons of Maria and her friends videos and photo galleries!

Meet Madden Chocolate Body Paint Video

Meet Madden Chocolate Body Paint Video
“Meet Madden” Hey, it’s me, Madden, and thanks for checking out these free sample galleries from my exclusive website “Meet Madden”! I was born and raised in the south and I’ll always be a sweet southern belle at heart, but I’m definitely not your ordinary girl… I like to get down and dirty too! I race quads, cars, ride dirt bikes, I love fishing, camping, boating, and bonfires! While I’m a Tomboy on the inside who can throw on some jeans and a t-shirt and play outside, I’m a model on the outside that loves to get all dressed up and go for a night on the town! I’ve done everything expected of me and now it’s time to do something a little unexpected because I may look like the girl you could bring home to meet mom, but I’m really the one you’d love to bring to bed! I’ve worked very hard on “Meet Madden” to give you a little bit of everything, so come inside and check out my pics, vids, weekly webcam shows, journals, and much much more! Boys and girls, it’s time to “Meet Madden” and let me show you my naughty side!
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Nikki Sims Bubble Bikini Video

Nikki Sims Bubble Bikini Video
“Nikki Sims” a.k.a. “Next Door Nikki” hails from Illinois, USA! The brown eyed, brunettes measurements are 34DD-27-34, 119 lbs. and stands 5′ 4″! “Nikki’s Playmates” has tons of movie and photo galleries featuring Nikki and her girlfriends! Membership includes access to Nude Webcam chat with Nikki and all of her sexy friends! Cum inside “Nikki Sims” now!
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Corporal Punishment Spankings In Private Girls School

Corporal Punishment Spankings In Private Girls School
“My Spanking Roommate” Madison Martin is now working as a counselor and a girl’s school. When 2 naughty school girls, Jenna Sativa and Mandy Muse (who is making her spanking debut) act up and give Madison a wedgie in her office, she spanks each girl to teach them some discipline. These two pretty ladies have nice round bottoms and Madison turns them red and embarrasses them as only she can!

Sexy Amateur Anna First Nude Modeling Gig

Sexy Amateur Anna First Nude Modeling Gig
“True Amateur Models” Would you like to see some more high resolution photos of Anna modeling nude? Watch this sexy babe remove that black bra and you will also see up-close and high quality photos of her panties, as well as those legs being spread apart and that ass being propped up for a good view! Anna has a total amount of 665 high resolution pictures on the website and she also has handjob pictures too, showing her squeezing the cum out of a hard dick! And of course, as you can tell from the photos in this gallery, Anna has beautiful blue eyes! That was one of the main things about her that really stood out for me when I first noticed her and asked her to become a model for the website. I hope that you all enjoy these high quality and very homemade pictures of this hot and sexy blue eyed babe modeling nude and spreading apart that hot amateur ass!

Kinky Teen Whitney Goes Nude In Public & Fucks A Cucumber

Kinky Teen Whitney Goes Nude In Public & Fucks A Cucumber
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