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Liloo In “By Myself” Self Made Masturbation Videos

Liloo In "By Myself" Self Made Masturbation Videos

“Watch 4 Beauty” Gorgeous little Liloo in another episode of our saga of self-made videos. She looks absolutely fascinated by her own body, and we love how focused she seems when she’s pleasuring herself, as if she was trying to do a really good job!


Kaitlin In “Contemporary” At MPL Studios

Kaitlin In "Contemporary" At MPL Studios

“MPL Studios” The Nude Revolution! Innocence meets erotica! Experience a true sense of the girls…the shyness, the curiosity, the exploration, the eroticism, the exhilaration of being natural and naked in front of the camera! It’s a sexy, sophisticated, personal approach to nude art, and “MPL Studios” does it to perfection! Become a part of the MPL community and you’ll quickly find out why it’s the most personalized member experience on the web today!


Lezzie MILF’S Stella & Francesca Get Kinky In Portugal

Lezzie MILF'S Stella & Francesca Get Kinky In Portugal

“FTV MILF’s” The original site “FTV Girls” came online in 2002. After 14 years online, it was time for us to evolve into the world of mature women as our models from the past have done. Inside our members area you’ll find new faces you’ve never seen as well as the faces you know having First Time Experiences on the other side of our lens. Extreme masturbation with unusual toys, Public Nudity, Foot Fetish, Girl on Girl action, and now we even feature Hardcore Guy/Girl scenes! Head over to “FTV MILF’s” and see how we’ve grown up!


Arina F. In “Top” At FEMJOY

Arina F. In "Top" At FEMJOY

“FEMJOY” We only work with “real girls” that you can meet in your everyday life. Shop girls, students, interns, dancers. Girls you feel that you can approach, even if they are the most beautiful vision you’ve ever seen. All our nudes are pure, beautiful, and natural. We challenge you to find anything fake about our photos and movies. The girls are natural, the settings are natural and the photographic techniques and production styles support the natural female beauty!


Busty MILF’s Toying & Eating Pussy

Busty MILF's Toying & Eating Pussy

“Michelle Thorn Exxxposed” This broad used to be a popular softcore model but she’s hardcore XXX now! Yup, Michelle’s been “Exxxposed” with a cock in her mouth and every other fuck hole she has! Michelle likes pussy too, she loves to have lesbian orgys with her girlfriends! Get your ass inside “Michelle Thorn Exxxposed” and start downloading hardcore videos and photo galleries!


Teen Works Her Cunt With A Cucumber & Her Ass With A Dildo

Teen Works Her Cunt With A Cucumber & Her Ass With A Dildo

“FTV Girls” (First Time Videos) was inspired after years of research and design as to “What makes a great site”! “FTV Girls” was developed to push quality to the max and produce content that meets our demanding criteria! Beautiful unknown models, “First Timers” are captured in high quality video and photos posing, masturbating, oral sex, fucking, lesbian sex, kinky sex and more! Over 500 Different FTV Models, 1,114,000+ Mb of video and 133,500+ Unique Professional Photos and counting!


Pretty Hippy Hitchhiker Fucks Her Ride

Pretty Hippy Hitchhiker Fucks Her Ride

“Joymii” Band manager Luke kisses his wife goodbye bye as he sets off on a road trip to Salzburg. He passes a pretty hippy hitchhiker on the way and though he’s tempted to, he doesn’t stop to offer her a ride. When fate has it that the two cross paths at a gas station up the road, they finally meet. Rina asks him where he’s headed next and when he tells her, she asks if she can come along. On the road together, they talk about music and travel as Rina kicks her cute feet up on the dash and tans her beautiful legs. The chemistry builds as they spend time together in such close proximity, getting to know one another. When they stop for the night, Luke has a reservation but there are no rooms left at the hotel for Rina, which means she’ll have to bunk with Luke…. when he tells her where he’s headed he takes it a sign and offers her a ride (she asks). Band manager of a band she is a fan of (Karma). Stops at a hotel and there isn’t an extra room for Rina. awkward elevator ride and they fuck in the hotel room!


One Dick Is Not Enough…Shona’s First Double Penetration

One Dick Is Not Enough...Shona's First Double Penetration

“Joymii” Shona is trying to improve her English and with the help of her tutor Totti she is coming along nicely. His hands under the table are proving to be a distraction from learning though and Shona doesn’t seem to mind the study break. They know his next student will be there any minute, but that doesn’t stop the tutor and student from getting down to business! Shona pulls out Totti’s cock and wraps her lips around it, completely unaware that Josh has arrived and is watching them. When Josh drops his folder, Shona catches him peeking and draws him into the action. She’s always wanted two cocks at once and she finally gets her chance! She takes them both into her mouth, getting them ready for her big moment when they will fill her beautiful little ass and pussy at the same time!


Trailer Park Hottie Aries Spreads Her Pussy

Trailer Park Hottie Aries Spreads Her Pussy

“True Amateur Models” My name is Aries and I am 19 years old! I have never done any nude modeling prior to this so I am definitely considered a 100% real amateur girl! It was a very interesting experience shooting for the True Amateur Models website. I had a lot of fun and I’m also looking forward to shooting again! I came into contact with the photographer when I was at the store shopping for Christmas gifts. This guy walked over towards me and he just basically started talking to me about the clothing in the store. At first, I was like …what the fuck? However, he seemed nice, so I continued to engage in the conversation with him. After about 15 minutes, he started talking to me about modeling and about how I should get involved in modeling shoots …but then he started talking to me about his NUDE modeling website! I thought that it was interesting that this guy specialized in shooting nude amateur models, but I had no idea that I would ever be involved in a nude modeling photo shoot myself! I actually wasn’t sure what to say at first when he asked me to become one of his models, but I wasn’t really that interested, mainly because I would not want anyone from my job to find the pictures on the internet! That was be HIGHLY embarrassing! I am a sales cashier and I would never want my fellow employees, or my manger to stumble across these nude pictures of me! So yeah, I just wasn’t quite sure if this whole nude modeling thing would be a good idea or not. However, I continued to think about it …and the more I thought about doing it, the more exciting and thrilling the whole idea seemed to be to me! I took a couple of days to really think about it before actually participating in the modeling shoot, but I am glad that I did some modeling shoots for the website and I really enjoyed how my pictures turned out!


Tiny Filipina Amateur Keilani’s First Porn

Tiny Filipina Amateur Keilani's First Porn

“True Amateur Models” My name is Keilani and I am 21 years old. My nationality is Filipino and I weigh 120 pounds. I had a great time at the amateur nude modeling shoot and I am looking forward to shooting for the True Amateur Models website a lot more too! As far as how I became a model for the website, I met the photographer at the shopping mall where I currently work as a sales associate for a makeup store. The store is located in the shopping mall and the photographer was in there with one of his models. I was not trying to listen to their conversation, but I could not help but to overhear them because they were both standing right behind me. The photographer was asking the girl if she’d like to another amateur NUDE modeling shoot! That’s when the guy turned right around towards me and actually asked ME if I’d be interested in participating in his homemade and amateur modeling shoots sometime! I didn’t know what in the world to say because nobody has ever asked me to model nude before! I went to a nude beach one day a couple of years ago, but I’ve NEVER been involved in any type of nude modeling! The girl that was in the store with the model photographer also talked to me about shooting. She told me that he is a very legit and professional photographer ….and once I saw the True Amateur Models website, I really wanted to be on it because I thought that it looked really nice …and this guy MUST be a legit photographer since has shot SO MANY girls! The shoot was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to shooting again!


Riley Will Never Make The Cover Of Cosmo But She’s Popular At The Trailerpark!

Riley Will Never Make The Cover Of Cosmo But She's Popular At The Trailerpark!

“True Amateur Models” Welcome Riley R. to True Amateur Models! Riley R. is a another new amateur girl to the website and she is 23 years old! I met her at a department store the other day as I was looking around the clothing section. I started talking to Riley R. about the department store closing and about how so many people nowadays are just ordering their items from the internet. We chatted for about 10 minutes, but then the conversation switched over to my amateur nude modeling website! As you can see, this brunette babe decided to participate in my nude modeling shoots, and for a very amateur, exclusive and inexperienced girl, I think she did a pretty good at the amateur modeling! I hope that you all enjoy her amateur and homemade nude modeling pictures!


Amateur Teen Lenna First Time Nude On The Net!

Amateur Teen Lenna First Time Nude On The Net!

“True Amateur Models” Welcome Lenna to True Amateur Models! I met this amateur teen babe at a music festival the other day over at the community park! I was just walking around looking for a new amateur girl to shoot, and I noticed that there was an empty seat in the audience where the bands were getting ready to take the stage. And of course, I also noticed the girl who was sitting beside that empty seat …and that was Lenna! I thought that she was an adorable and cute girl, so I decided to speak with her about becoming one of my models! She told me that she was 18 years old and had absolutely no experience in nude modeling. So yeah, Lenna is definitely a fresh and very amateur girl! I hope that you guys like her amateur nude modeling pictures, and be sure to check back for more stuff coming out from Lenna! Lenna has a total amount of 570 high resolution and large photos in the members area, but that number will grow much higher since I am planning on shooting Lenna a few more times!


Trailer Park Cutie Stefania’s First Porn

Trailer Park Cutie Stefania's First Porn

“True Amateur Models” My name is Stefania and I am 28 years old! I came into contact with a model photographer while I was out walking my dog around the neighborhood! I noticed this guy walking across the street and he commented on my dog. Ray seemed like a nice enough guy, so I enjoyed talking to him about my dog, as well as about his cats. Of course, the conversation quickly progressed from talking about animals to talking about spreading my ass and doing an amateur and homemade nude modeling shoot! I just figured, what the hell …why not? I mean, I am happy with my body ….and it’s not every day that someone gives me the opportunity to show if off naked on a nude modeling website! I have been approached before to dance in strip clubs, but I’ve just never been into that sort of stuff. However, the amateur nude modeling seemed like it would be a lot of fun! Ray and I both live very close to one another so I am sure that we will hook back up soon to do some more shooting soon! I hope that you all enjoy my amateur nude modeling pictures and be sure to watch out for more of my modeling pictures coming soon!


Miela In “Watering Flowers” Video At FEMJOY

Miela In "Watering Flowers" Video At FEMJOY

“FEMJOY” We only work with “real girls” that you can meet in your everyday life. Shop girls, students, interns, dancers. Girls you feel that you can approach, even if they are the most beautiful vision you’ve ever seen. All our nudes are pure, beautiful, and natural. We challenge you to find anything fake about our photos and movies. The girls are natural, the settings are natural and the photographic techniques and production styles support the natural female beauty!


Test Shoot 18 Year Old Darien Grey! Did She Pass?

Test Shoot 18 Year Old Darien Grey! Did She Pass?

“This Years Model” is a new website featuring beautiful teenage models 18-25 years old! It’s a mix a familiar models and fresh, new start-up girls! “This Years Model” has high quality photo galleries and videos of the girls stripping, showing off their tight teen bodies and playing with their pussies! “This Years Model” is an interactive oriented site where you can message, chat and fall in love with the models! An “This Years Model” membership is a must for everyone!


Sexy Pattycake Beauty Pt. I

Sexy Pattycake Beauty Pt. I

“Sexy Pattycake” a.k.a. “Pattycake Online” is a busty, hot blonde who’s been knocking out update after update weekly for years and her site is now one of the most popular sites on the web! Pattycake likes to dress up and take it all off! She loves to masturbate in front of the camera and can be seen in high resolution photo galleries and dvd quality full length movies! Get out your cock and cum inside “Sexy Pattycake”


Rune Kimele & Bernie Svikis In “Sunny Bunnies Pt.II” At ZISHY

Rune Kimele & Bernie Svikis In "Sunny Bunnies Pt.II" At ZISHY

“ZISHY” They are back. Now you know why I had to break it up into two parts. Rune Kimele and Bernie Svikis share the ideal afternoon at the beach with us. The sun was warm, the water was refreshing, and the shashlik was heavenly. Shashlik is marinated cubes of fatty pork neck cooked over coals or wood. It is very easy to understand why so many cultures love it. More to come of these two eventually! Zach Venice, Photographer & Webmaster


Blake Crawford In “Shiny Blue Cars” At ZISHY

Blake Crawford In "Shiny Blue Cars" At ZISHY

“ZISHY” Blake Crawford is a former state champion in cross country running. I believe the state was Washington, but I could be wrong. My memory is getting cloudy these days. She is in LA working as a stylist and photographer’s assistant, for some guy who shoots nudes and sells the prints. So she seemed comfortable with being provocative in front of the camera. Blake has a positive attitude and was up for hitting the streets and stealing some shots in front of other people’s cars. We just had to play it a bit stealth since we were right by a Russian Orthodox church which had a few patrons walking about! Zach Venice, Photographer & Webmaster


Nina Presley In “Nude Color” At ZISHY

Nina Presley In "Nude Color" At ZISHY

“ZISHY” Nina Presley told me she used to be heavier. Now she feels great, knowing that she has some control over the situation. It makes me think of the whole environmental crisis. You know, the one that seems to be looming over everyone’s future? The crisis that is almost too scary to even think about. That one. Well there is hope. Apparently, most of the damage has been done by us and during recent human history. If humans can cause the problem, changing our ways can also be the solution. It’s worth a shot! Zach Venice, Photographer & Webmaster


Dita Vetone In “Couch Shopping Sorta” At ZISHY

Dita Vetone In "Couch Shopping Sorta" At ZISHY

“ZISHY” I met Dita Vetone one evening at the beach. I saw a woman wrapped up in a blanket with a photographer walking back to the parking lot. I approached and asked her for her Instagram. I explained that I was also a photographer and perhaps we could work together. I had no idea what type of insane natural figure lay hidden under that blanket. Life is full of surprises. I think I’ll keep at it. More Dita is planned! Zach Venice, Photographer & Webmaster


Lily Rader In “Choking On Blonde” At ZISHY

Lily Rader In "Choking On Blonde" At ZISHY

“ZISHY” Lily Rader, one hot potater. She might do porn, but you’d still date her. The hair is blonde and she keeps it long. Akron, Ohio could do no wrong. At eighteen she was doing scenes, paying bills while haters caught feelings. Rader, the sex trader, doll-faced assassin, is what life made her. Lily! Zach Venice, Photographer & Webmaster


Alejandra Cobos In “Tularosa Basin” At ZISHY

Alejandra Cobos In "Tularosa Basin" At ZISHY

“ZISHY” Alejandra Cobos made a relatively unrevealing Zishy debut at the beginning of this year. It was exactly the type of slow tease she subjected me to in person, as well. You can witness her gradually warming up to the idea of baring more while in the backseat of the car. Well friends, Alejandra is the real deal. She has the total package: an incredible beauty, a powerful sexuality, and a daring personality. Direct hit! Zach Venice, Photographer & Webmaster


Helen Bergstrom In “Complicated Apes” At ZISHY

Helen Bergstrom In "Complicated Apes" At ZISHY

“ZISHY” Helen Bergstrom is a charming and talented woman that loves animals. So much so that she shares her apartment with several pets, including a huge dog. Helen is a vocalist, a pianist, a guitarist and can even slay on the harp. Helen can shred on a skateboard. She could probably even drink you under the table. A justified showboater! I am still waiting to see what she can’t do. Happy Saturday! Zach Venice, Photographer & Webmaster


Kim Solari In “The Muscle Hustle” At ZISHY

Kim Solari In "The Muscle Hustle" At ZISHY

“ZISHY” Kim Solari is one of the most athletic women that I have ever photographed for Zishy. She plays basketball competitively. She loves the gym. She says one must always train until failure. Kim travels, speaks German, and Kim is ultra-passionate about animals, including snakes and spiders. Kim admits to looking at her muscular figure and thinking, “you can’t have grace with this much power”. Wrong, Kim. I can still see it! Zach Venice, Photographer & Webmaster