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“Touchdown 2″ Pussy Play Video Starring Kenna James

“Touchdown 2" Pussy Play Video Starring Kenna James“Met Art X” There are few women that could look sexy decked out in a football kit, but All American blonde Kenna James certainly does – partly because her erect nipples are clearly visible through the mesh top. Having fooled around with the ball for a while. she throws it and tugs down her skintight shorts to expose her shaven pussy. She sits in the bleachers, pulls up her top and massages her beautiful boobs, before taking off her shorts and spreading her legs wide. Moving around on a towel she strokes her body all over and juts her peachy ass in the air, before slipping a hand between her legs and sliding a finger up and down her juicy slit. Eyes closed and mouth agape in ecstasy, she frigs harder and faster until she crosses the line and touches down!
Met Art X

Alyssa Weiber In “Palm Flings” At ZISHY

Alyssa Weiber In "Palm Flings" At ZISHY“ZISHY” I drove out to Palm Springs to meet up with Alyssa Weiber. She is a very passive individual who is modest about her curvy figure. Even though this was shot in the typically scorching desert, the water was chilly for Alyssa. I had to use the incentive of fast food to jump in. More from this doll-faced killer to come!

Valentina Nappi In “The Lighthearted” At ZISHY

Valentina Nappi In "The Lighthearted" At ZISHY“ZISHY” Visited two lighting stores with Valentina Nappi. One was quite empty, which is often a good thing for my tomfoolery, but not if anxious sales people are waiting to jump onto potential customers. No, sir. I will not be needing your assistance right now. I just need a few minutes to snap photos of this international porn star in your shop. Valentina is a true marvel of beauty and sexuality. If I was a modern day prophet, she would make a perfect Magdalene!

Wendy Patton In “Red States” At ZISHY

Wendy Patton In "Red States" At ZISHY“ZISHY” Wendy Patton and I stayed at this small cabin near Lake Malibu. See, Wendy is not able to be photographed at her own place. She still lives with her slightly overbearing parents. In fact, I met her mother when she dropped off Wendy for our first rendezvous. Mom interrogated us both about what we’d be doing. I let Wendy lead the way with the answers. Apparently, we were doing a lingerie portfolio shoot. I think we achieved a bit more exciting results!

Lyndie Brittain In “Friendly Creatures” At ZISHY

Lyndie Brittain In "Friendly Creatures" At ZISHY“ZISHY” Lyndie Brittain is this hip, artistic, beautiful-type from San Diego. At 5’11”, she stands out from the crowd. Walking along a Pacific Beach neighborhood, we encountered a friendly pup and kitty who were also soaking up the perfect weather. Can you tell Lyndie has a soft spot for small critters? The Langhorns’ “El Duro” is the song in the bonus video. Let’s meet tomorrow for some indoor photos of Lyndie in a sexy bodysuit. Break!

Sexy Pattycake Plays Peek-A-Boo Pussy With You!

Sexy Pattycake Plays Peek-A-Boo Pussy With You!“Sexy Pattycake” a.k.a. “Pattycake Online” is a busty, hot blonde who’s been knocking out update after update weekly for years and her site is now one of the most popular sites on the web! Pattycake likes to dress up and take it all off! She loves to masturbate in front of the camera and can be seen in high resolution photo galleries and dvd quality full length movies! Get out your cock and cum inside “Sexy Pattycake”
Sexy Pattycake

Horny Nika Diddles Her Pussy Outdoors On A Hammock

Horny Nika Diddles Her Pussy Outdoors On A Hammock“Sex Art” is a premium gateway to a world of exquisite erotica that is unlike anything you’ve seen, anything you’ve dreamed of! “Sex Art” is filled with exclusive films and photography created by legendary masters of erotic cinema as well as the next generation of visionary, upstart X-rated artists!

Adorabe Jeff Milton Naked On The Patio

Adorabe Jeff Milton Naked On The Patio“Rylsky Art” You will find the most beautiful nude amateur models in the world at “Rylsky Art”!They are our inspiration, our obsession, our reason for being. Fresh, natural, and completely uninhibited, the girls of “Rylsky Art” are uniquely beautiful as individuals, but they all share one quality: they are real. If you’re tired of the false and the fake, and want to see genuine amateur females you’re ready for “Rylsky Art”
Rylsky Art

Kristen Scott Fucks A Cucumber & Fists Her Pussy

Kristen Scott Fucks A Cucumber & Fists Her Pussy“ALS Scan” First, “ALS” is “All Ladies Shaved”, If you like your pussies smooth and shaved, this is the site for you! “ALS Scan” features 1000’s of exquisite women in over 500,000 images and 1000’s of full length movies of the girls in solo, lesbian and kinky hardcore action! “ALS Scan” members also get full access to Live Webcams!

Pretty Blonde Raena Strips Naked On The Beach

Pretty Blonde Raena Strips Naked On The Beach“Met Art” has been online since 1999 and since its launch has been the undisputed number one nude site in the world! The most imitated, but never duplicated, “Met-Art” offers Free Live Webcams, to members, featuring real “Met-Art” models! “Met-Art” offers 1000’s of updates, with 100’s of high definition movies with over 3000 models, and counting!

Lexi Bloom Toys Her Juicy Cunt

Lexi Bloom Toys Her Juicy Cunt“Holly Randall” is the website of the work photographed by world renowned erotic photographer “Holly Randall”, the daughter of Suze Randall. The site is hardcore and softcore featuring high quality videos and photos of the world’s top models! Hardcore sex, masturbation, lesbians, sex toys and erotic nudes are featured! Members have full access to webcams!
Holly Randall

Rising Star Nika O. Diddles Her Way To The Top

Rising Star Nika O. Diddles Her Way To The Top“Met Art X” Naughty Nika has an erotic way with foodstuff. The way she licks the creamy dessert from the spoon is evidently a turn on for her, because she subsequently strips naked and starts playing with her beautiful firm breasts. Then she heads south to tease her clit and, once sufficiently wet, glides her fingers inside her sweet, hot center and frigs herself to orgasm!
Met Art X

“Soap Bubbles 2” Starring Susie Masturbating On Video

"Soap Bubbles 2" Starring Susie Masturbating On Video“Met Art X” Petite Ukrainian Susie runs through the woods, smiling and blowing bubbles. The bubble blowing is something she continues back indoors, stretched out on the sofa. There’s a look in her eyes that says she’s about to do something way more mischievous though, and seconds later she strips naked, tugs on her nipples and spreads her legs wide to massage her clit and labia. Her body floods with pleasurable sensations as her fingers become a blur, thrusting harder and deeper inside her sopping wet pussy. Suddenly Susie’s gasps increase in volume and she races towards a breathtaking orgasm!
Met Art X

Inga In “Me And My Dildo”

Inga In "Me And My Dildo"“Watch 4 Beauty” Finally! A lovely photo set and video of naughty Inga in a more romantic mood. We hope you will enjoy her sweet passion for her pink dildo!
Watch 4 Beauty

Nancy A. “Sexy Mermaid” With A Dildo

Nancy A. "Sexy Mermaid" With A Dildo“Watch 4 Beauty” Our little experiment with Nancy. She loves water and she loves dildos, so we got an aquarium and a dildo in our studio for her. She had a lot of fun and we hope you will too! Enjoy the horny mermaid Nancy!
Watch 4 Beauty

Lizbette Huerta In “Room And Board II” At ZISHY

Lizbette Huerta In "Room And Board II" At ZISHY“ZISHY” If you have never seen the movie, The Dreamers, I highly recommend it. It is strange and confusing and kinda fucked up, but you will still thank me later. I knew why I jelled with Lizbette Huerta once we discovered our shared liking for the odd film. Lizbette was also very comfortable urinating with the bathroom door open within minutes of welcoming me into her home. I am done with regular girls! JOIN “ZISHY” TODAY!

Leah Gotti In “Save The Snowy Plover” At ZISHY

Leah Gotti In "Save The Snowy Plover" At ZISHY“ZISHY” Once we arrived at the beach in Santa Monica, Leah Gotti realized that she had forgotten her swimsuit. But she did have her underwear. And that is basically the same thing, right? Right. If you like breaking rules, if you don’t agree with sex-shamers, Leah is your type of woman! JOIN “ZISHY” TODAY!

Megan Salinas In “Rhyme Shine Buss” At ZISHY

Megan Salinas In "Rhyme Shine Buss" At ZISHY“ZISHY” Little Megan Salinas is the new chick on the block. Making her rounds with all the adult production companies in Los Angeles. But she doesn’t do guy/girl scenes. I respect when people have their limits. It’s good to draw the line somewhere in the sand, even if it appears quite arbitrary. Somehow solo material is not as “bad” as girl/girl, And girl/girl is definitely less scandalous than guy/girl. Then you have things like interracial, anal, ATM, creampie, etc. It gets very technical. I wonder if this hierarchy exists outside the inner circles of the adult industry? Does Joe Blow think that if a girl masturbates on camera that somehow it is less degrading/distasteful than her having sex with a dude on camera? I’ve gone too far down the rabbit hole. I feel I’ve lost all objectivity. S.O.S. Megan was fun and sweet and did a great job putting up with my nuttiness! JOIN “ZISHY” TODAY!

Kendra Sunderland In “Extra Meows” At ZISHY

Kendra Sunderland In "Extra Meows" At ZISHY“ZISHY” Went out for pizza with Kendra Sunderland. We may or may not have had the munchies. The pizza wasn’t all that and was pricey, but I was with Kendra. So do you really think I cared? Just about each week, I receive a notice from a random, kind person alerting me that Zishy photos are being stolen and shared freely at some nefarious web destination. Look, if you can afford to support my work, then your subscription is appreciated and I wish you nothing but love in this life. If not, then I recommend abstinence from Zishy. I mean, you are welcome to have your computer double-fisted by pop-ups and malware found on these ‘free’ sites. But when the robots rise and seek retaliation for abuse, don’t come crying to me for protection! JOIN “ZISHY” TODAY!

Amarna Miller In “Spanish Geometry” At ZISHY

Amarna Miller In "Spanish Geometry" At ZISHY“ZISHY” Amarna Miller was renting a parked RV in Orange County. She would webcam from there and commute to LA for her XXX gigs. I decided to drive out and photograph this adult star from Spain in her temporary home. Amarna has quite the personality. She is upbeat, inviting, and intelligent. Aside from her work as a model/performer, she contributes editorial writing to online publications. Women like Amarna, who are not only in porn for the money, but to explore the many facets of sexuality, seem to have taken that Apple slogan to heart. They think different. They’re probably also partially insane, by the average person’s standards. And that’s cool too! JOIN “ZISHY” TODAY!