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Gia Strachen Is “Always Sunny” At ZISHY

Gia Strachen Is "Always Sunny" At ZISHY“ZISHY” Cincinnati surprised me. I had no idea how beautiful the city and nature would be. Having an incredible girl there to photograph like Gia Strachen also helps. Gia is an interesting mix of wild, innocent, cute, and elegant. I asked her to bring leggings to shoot in, but she didn’t realize there was a giant hole in the crotch. When life gives you lemons, right? Zach Venice, Photographer



Nolwenn Glass In “Faller Me Home” At ZISHY

Nolwenn Glass In "Faller Me Home" At ZISHY

“ZISHY” Do you feel that competition inside you? You want to be admired. You want to be at the top. Ahh that fucking Ego. That part of human nature that just won’t be controlled. I wonder how much ego exists in a bee hive. We gotta work together. We gotta learn to be kinder. Let tbe beauty of Nolwenn Glass just exist. You don’t have to own it. You don’t have to keep it only for yourself. It belongs to her. Weinstein thought fucking beautiful women would bring him happiness. Look at the nightmare his life has become. Everyday you can make a choice not to be a slave to your ego. You can learn a lesson from Harvey’s mess. As a quote from one of his company’s films goes, “You only need to hang mean bastards, but mean bastards you need to hang.” Hang the mean, lazy, petty bastards inside you! Zach Venice, Photographer


Piper Candless In “Windmills At Dawn” At ZISHY

Piper Candless In "Windmills At Dawn" At ZISHY

“ZISHY” If you’re not big on tattoos, I feel ya. If you do not like Piper Candless, tough. I have a few galleries on her. I had to trek back up to Palm Springs just to photograph Piper. She was leaving the area, so the window of opportunity was mighty slim. Nonetheless, I knew that I had to capture this eccentric beauty with her athletic body for your eyes. We woke up at the crack of dawn for these images. Piper had her espresso, I had my camera. We get out there and within minutes, she tells me that this setting calls for her to strip out of her clothes. Alright, Piper. No complaints here. Can you see the Ryan McGinley influence on this one? Zach Venice, Photographer


Leah Gotti In “Before Hell” At ZISHY

Leah Gotti In "Before Hell" At ZISHY

“ZISHY” Don’t worry. Leah Gotti isn’t going to hell. Not alone, at least. There are plenty of us so-called sinners roaming the streets of your quaint town. We are the money-hungry, the sex-addicted, the drug-using, the materialistic, the superficial, the corner-cutting, the gluttonous, the envious, the self-centered, the Earth-defiling primates who never know when to stop, until it is too late. But we have each other and that is always something to be thankful for. So, thank you. Thanks for appreciating my work enough to kick a few clams my way. I hope you either find yourself in a good place or continue to strive for one. It is out there. It is possible! Zach Venice, Photographer


Bridgette Vaughn In “Raising Arizona” At ZISHY

Bridgette Vaughn In "Raising Arizona" At ZISHY

“ZISHY” Bridgette Vaughn takes a break from her fashion and commercial modeling gigs in order to return to Zishy. Bridgette is always worth the trip back to Phoenix even if she is adamant about avoiding direct nudity. She describes her boyfriend as a hardcore gamer. Times have definitely changed! Zach Venice, Photographer


Mea Lee & Angela Blanche Lesbian Cosplay

Mea Lee & Angela Blanche Lesbian Cosplay

“Cosplay Erotica” A very sexy girl-girl set with the gorgeous MeaLee and Angela Blanche. The characters Trish – is a mysterious woman who looks strangely – and Lady – is very fierce, rough – were inspired by the game Devil May Cry!


Davina Needs It Now!

Davina Needs It Now!

“Joymii” Davina is sitting in the park in winter, wondering why none of the local guys are coming on to her. It’s a cold, grey day, and she really wants to feel the warmth of passionate companionship. So what else to do but to go home and make it happen for herself? Putting on a great strip show, this seductive young college student knows how to let each piece of her perfect physique pop out in the right way, looking like pure gold. But Davina’s in the mood to go deep and hard, so she gets out her toy and sends herself soaring. Watching this delightful beauty thrust in and out of her throbbing pussy is going to make your day. Come inside with Davina. It’s HOT in there!


Rena In “End Of Summer” Video At Femjoy

Rena In "End Of Summer" Video At Femjoy

“FEMJOY” We only work with “real girls” that you can meet in your everyday life. Shop girls, students, interns, dancers. Girls you feel that you can approach, even if they are the most beautiful vision you’ve ever seen. All our nudes are pure, beautiful, and natural. We challenge you to find anything fake about our photos and movies. The girls are natural, the settings are natural and the photographic techniques and production styles support the natural female beauty!


Cosmid Presents Annabelle Rose!

Cosmid Presents Annabelle Rose!

“Cosmid” Hey guys & gals, looking forward to introducing you to our brand new girl here at Cosmid. Her name is Annabelle Rose. She is from Chicago, and for some reason I can’t stop picturing her as the hot girl from one of the first Fast & Furious movies!


Sexy Pattycake Daddy’s Lil Monster II

Sexy Pattycake Daddy's Lil Monster II

“Sexy Pattycake” a.k.a. “Pattycake Online” is a busty, hot blonde who’s been knocking out update after update weekly for years and her site is now one of the most popular sites on the web! Pattycake likes to dress up and take it all off! She loves to masturbate in front of the camera and can be seen in high resolution photo galleries and dvd quality full length movies! Get out your cock and cum inside “Sexy Pattycake”


Who Wants To Poke Pookie?

Who Wants To Poke Pookie?

“Party All Star” If you like sexy girls that like to party, “Party All Star” is the site for you! Stunning beauties captured in states of undress while partying! Bikini contests, beach, girls playing dress up, babes in night clubs, cosplay, partygirls, just hanging out and more! The babes are lining up to be a “Party All Star” starlet!


Bailey Knox Legalita

Bailey Knox Legalita

“Bailey Knox” is that sexy girl-next-door with a cute covergirl face and centerfold body! The perky brunette is always on the move, clubbing, hiking, shopping and hanging out with her girlfriends with a camera catching it all for her hot website! “Bailey Knox” has loads of videos and photos and is always adding new content! Bailey does Live Web Cam shows for her members, not to be missed!


Jodie Holly Gasson In “Slow Sexy Strip” At Pin-Up Wow!

Jodie Holly Gasson In "Slow Sexy Strip" At Pin-Up Wow!

“Pin-Up Wow!” Some of the best things in life are meant to be enjoyed slowly, and when it comes to gorgeous Jodie Holly Gasson teasing you as she undresses from her cocktail dress, lingerie and fishnet stockings, this is certainly the case. As slow as you like Jodie!