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Lana Lovelace In “Iz Too Espicy” At ZISHY

Lana Lovelace In "Iz Too Espicy" At ZISHY

“ZISHY” One day, I will stop acting like I own the world and that I have a right to take sexy photos anywhere I damn well please. One day, I will follow the rules of decency and will decline every opportunity for my flavor of fun. One day, I will stop looking for women, like Lana Lovelace, who enjoy teasing a global audience with their beauty. One day, just not today! Zach Venice, Photographer


Ursula Hall In “Attention Passengers” At ZISHY

Ursula Hall In "Attention Passengers" At ZISHY

“ZISHY” I met the beautiful Ursula Hall in Oakland, California. Her innocent eyes and soft curves are addictive. Ursula has played competitive sports for most her life, primarily soccer and volleyball. Ursula’s cleavage brought some excitement to several commuters on an otherwise typical Monday morning! Zach Venice, Photographer


Morgan Attwood In “Vine Humpers Pt.1” At ZISHY

Morgan Attwood In "Vine Humpers Pt.1" At ZISHY

“ZISHY” When the opportunity presented itself to photograph Morgan Attwood at a vineyard, there was no hesitation. After the horrible fire season last year, many of these beautiful places in California became scorched earth. This year, I will be surprised if the crisis does not repeat itself. Climate change can suck a fat one. More wine dreams with Morgan coming soon! Zach Venice, Photographer


Aloha From Sexy Pattycake!

Aloha From Sexy Pattycake!

“Sexy Pattycake” a.k.a. “Pattycake Online” is a busty, hot blonde who’s been knocking out update after update weekly for years and her site is now one of the most popular sites on the web! Pattycake likes to dress up and take it all off! She loves to masturbate in front of the camera and can be seen in high resolution photo galleries and dvd quality full length movies! Get out your cock and cum inside “Sexy Pattycake”


Vincenza Boscone In “Somewhere In Italy” At ZISHY

Vincenza Boscone In "Somewhere In Italy" At ZISHY

“ZISHY” We return to Italy and Vincenza Boscone shot by our friend, Mitia. Apparently, Vincenza and he have a longstanding friendship, so there is probably little hesitation when Mitia asks her to strip down in the trunk of his Volvo wagon. Judging by the graffiti, it appears that there are also Italian hooligans who dream of fornication with the authorities! Zach Venice, Photographer


Bella Rose In “Defeats Tanlines” At ZISHY

Bella Rose In "Defeats Tanlines" At ZISHY

“ZISHY” Bella Rose says she quit porn. I would be lying if I said I was surprised. Most of the women who do porn end up quitting within a few weeks. The pay is usually good at first, but then the well eventually goes dry. This is reality. Girls, don’t get into porn unless you love staged sex, need quick money, and can handle the inevitable blow-back you will receive from uptight beeholes! Zach Venice, Photographer


Kayla Linchek In “Marina Cheese I” At ZISHY

Kayla Linchek In "Marina Cheese I" At ZISHY

“ZISHY” Here is another beautiful and bold woman. Let us call her Kayla Linchek. She is a bubbly sweet girl from Southern California. We grabbed some lunch and Kayla hypnotized me with her magic pants. I have a feeling that you know the feeling. But as much as I loved her outfit, I knew there was room for improvement. Part 2 tomorrow! Zach Venice, Photographer


Helene Trobec In “Dollars To Euros” At ZISHY

Helene Trobec In "Dollars To Euros" At ZISHY

“ZISHY” Helene Trobec is a beauty that I met when I was touring Europe last Summer. I had never been to Riga, or Latvia for that matter. It is a picturesque city that I highly recommend. The people are friendly, many of them speak English, and there is plenty to do. But I am biased. I would fall in love with any place where I encounter a woman like Helene. BTW, the Russian group with the bananas and the condoms are a bachelor party that approached Helene to participate in one of their games! Zach Venice, Photographer


Sweet Teen Candy Nicole Strips Poolside

Sweet Teen Candy Nicole Strips Poolside

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Exptic Beauty Yuri Shows Off Her Perfect Body Outdoors

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Chloe Cherry In “At The Galleria” At ZISHY

Chloe Cherry In "At The Galleria" At ZISHY

“ZISHY” Chloe Cherry pushes the limits in her adult performances. Her dreamy eyes and beautiful looks struck me as a perfect fit for Zishy. We went over to the Galleria in Sherman Oaks and put on a show. It was only until the shots in front of the fountain that a security guard approached us and asked if we had a permit for photography. No, sir. We are blatantly stealing photos of this fine property! But do not fear, we will feel awful about it at some point. And that really is the worst punishment of all! Zach Venice, Photographer


Tiffany Drake In “UCLA Stocker” At ZISHY

Tiffany Drake In "UCLA Stocker" At ZISHY

“ZISHY” If you are a man or woman looking at these photos and wondering why you don’t see too many people prancing around like Tiffany Drake here, it is because this is fantasy! This is entertainment! Just like you don’t see many people trying to kill each other inside a cage on a routine basis, yet they do it in the UFC! They will learn by trial and error just like we did. They will understand what is reality and what is entertainment. They will smirk at our fantasies the way we now smirk at “I Love Lucy”. Or maybe gangbangs will just be the norm. Who cares? Zach Venice, Photographer


Naughty Girl Sexy Pattycake

Naughty Girl Sexy Pattycake

“Sexy Pattycake” a.k.a. “Pattycake Online” is a busty, hot blonde who’s been knocking out update after update weekly for years and her site is now one of the most popular sites on the web! Pattycake likes to dress up and take it all off! She loves to masturbate in front of the camera and can be seen in high resolution photo galleries and dvd quality full length movies! Get out your cock and cum inside “Sexy Pattycake”


Zelda Goes Au Naturel In The Throngs Of Nature

Zelda Goes Au Naturel In The Throngs Of Nature

“Rylsky Art” You will find the most beautiful nude amateur models in the world at “Rylsky Art”!They are our inspiration, our obsession, our reason for being. Fresh, natural, and completely uninhibited, the girls of “Rylsky Art” are uniquely beautiful as individuals, but they all share one quality: they are real. If you’re tired of the false and the fake, and want to see genuine amateur females you’re ready for “Rylsky Art”


Lauren Clare In “Electric Teen” At ZISHY

Lauren Clare In "Electric Teen" At ZISHY

“ZISHY” Lauren Clare is full of positive energy. She smiles and laughs more naturally and frequently than any other girl I have photographed. It is as if she will not allow herself to be troubled by worldly matters. Her attitude reminds me of a Mac DeMarco song that goes, “Don’t bring me down, man; wearing that frown, man, now.” To all those running by my place tomorrow in the LA Marathon, I will do my best to be up early and cheering you on near mile 22, but no promises! Zach Venice, Photographer


Kelly Lamprin In “Dark Side Of Texas” At ZISHY

Kelly Lamprin In "Dark Side Of Texas" At ZISHY

“ZISHY” Kelly Lamprin challenges my views on ink. I prefer unaltered skin, but it is hard for me to deny that she is a walking piece of art. I do not want to ignore her tattoos, as I do with others. I want to explore them further and allow myself to be fascinated. Kelly is not a carefree woman. She is generally pretty serious and quiet. I am fortunate to draw out some bright smiles from this rare beauty! Zach Venice, Photographer


Kris Ekmard In “Through The Wood” At ZISHY

Kris Ekmard In "Through The Wood" At ZISHY

“ZISHY” Kris Ekmard is not your average woman. She does not live her life by someone else’s recommendation. I have learned that it is more mature to appreciate than it is to criticize. With Kris, there is much to appreciate. I hope they send more of her kind from Outer Space! Zach Venice, Photographer


Carolina Firenze In “Turning Venice Heads” At ZISHY

Carolina Firenze In "Turning Venice Heads" At ZISHY

“ZISHY” Carolina Firenze is another great find by Mitia in Italy. Supposedly, they faced a lot of risk to bring us these images shot right in the heart of tourist central. I have never been to the real Venice, but it is on my bucket list. I predict it will be hard to top this adventure of Mitia and Carolina’s! Zach Venice, Photographer


Milla Heats Things Up!

Milla Heats Things Up!

“Watch 4 Beauty” Spring is coming ans it’s time to heat things up a little! Nobody can do that better than breathtaking Milla, soaking wet, slipping out of her bikini, stretching and bending her beautiful body into irresistible poses, teasing you with her wet pussy… Enjoy!


Newbie Teen Mia Ferrer Nude Internet Debut

Newbie Teen Mia Ferrer Nude Internet Debut

“Watch 4 Beauty” Yet another gorgeous lady from Venezuela that we would like you to see. Her name is Mia and she would love to become a well-known and admired erotic model. We think that she would look even better with her natural hair color, what are your thoughts on that? And on Mia in general?